September 2019

Having just returned from a tremendous ministry time in Portugal, it is very apparent that this little country is the strategic key to the advancement of the Gospel and the Kingdom of God in Europe. Our International Team was blessed to be hosted by Pastor Eduardo Fernandes of the Riverside International Church in Cascais/Lisbon.

We ministered in large and small churches, met with 13 local Pastors and their wives for lunch, preached in and experienced conservative and charismatic church worship styles, spoke in several schools to their students, learned about the rich ancient history and culture of Portugal and the Iberian Peninsula, met one on one with key church leaders to pass on our vision of “cross fertilization” in the Spirit, and much, much more. We visited castles, palaces, convents, and monasteries, enjoyed African Zulu music, experienced the life and energy of the Portuguese people, and saw first-hand the multicultural dimension of this small, strategic country. We climbed “Christ the King” statue and prayed overlooking the capital city of Lisbon and the long winding majestic Tagus River leading to the coast. We rode on motorcycles to “Cabo da Roca” the farthest, most westerly point of Europe overlooking the great Atlantic Ocean, explored by pioneering Portuguese navigators.

Bridges were built between churches and their shepherds. Seeds for future collaboration were sown so that we can continue to implement our intercontinental ministry team on a wider scale in Europe and Africa.

We “felt” the heart of Pastor Eddie to help evangelize the world and the Lord forged us all into a beautiful oneness of agreement and unity.

“If you believe, and I believe, and we together pray; the Holy Spirit will come down, and Portugal/Europe will be saved”.

“If you believe, and I believe, and we together pray; the Holy Spirit will come down, and Africa will be saved.”

Let us, as well, pray for our great country of America.


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  • International Team - L to R -Sohail Peter, Lahore, Pakistan; Mark Luce, Napa, CA; Steven Mulenga, Tanga, Tanzania; Jason Rubinda, Arusha, Tanzania; Eddie Fernandes, Cascais, Portugal; Stan Herpick, Rancho Belago, CA
  • Stan at Sintra National Palace overlooking the city
  • Pastor Eddie and Stan on motorcycle
  • Cabo da Roca most westerly point in Europe
  • Riverside International Church, Cascais members
  • Team group praying for Portugal
  • Evangelist Sohail Peter, Pakistan, praying for people after preaching
  • Bishop Steve Mulenga, Tanzania, preaching "The Power of God's Word"
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