JAMES M. KARIUKI - Evangelist

Nyahururu, Kenya, East Africa

James Kariuki is a modern day Apostle. Not only does he pastor a church of his own but he also supervises 10 other churches which report to him.

James is an Evangelist/Teacher to these churches. He also sets up and organizes Crusades and Christian meetings in remote and rural village areas of Kenya.

Pastors and young Evangelists seek him out for consultation on personal and church business. He is an exceedingly hard worker in many different activities.

James works as an Agricultural Officer with the Kenya government. He uses the technology of Agriculture to help many people in rural areas to grow crops which is their only source of income and food. He recently invented a water storage tank which is currently in operation in a dry, remote area of the country. The water tank has helped many poor people to grow fruit trees and other crops which normally would not be able to grow.

James travels by bicycle. foot. and bus. He is constantly on the move and his normal means of transport is by bicycle. The ten churches that he oversees are spread out over a 50 mile radius from where he lives.

"As an overseer of his churches and evangelistic outreach work, James' primary need is transport...he needs a van or utility wagon."

He also desperately needs "Ministry Tools" - evangelistic outreach equipment such as PA systems, musical instruments, generators, amplifiers, Bibles, tracts, etc..

We have talked with James and what he will do is to loan out the equipment to young evangelists around his area. This will multiply the ministry throughout Kenya and surrounding countries.

James Kariuki is World Christian Outreach's primary contact man in Kenya and East Africa. His vision is to reach out to the many rural. village areas where 85% of the population live - most of whom are poor, needy and illiterate.

James and his wife, Eunice, open up their home as a ministry center to all who want to come. They extend hospitality of food and a place to sleep. When James is home he listens to every persons need with real interest and compassion.

Your help is vitally needed for this man of God in East Africa.

Letter from James dated 6/19/2000

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