Commitment Is The Key

H.M. Murray wrote - "Until one is committed there is a hesitancy - a desire and chance to draw back. But the moment one definitely commits one-self, then God moves, also, and a whole stream of events erupt: All manner of good unforeseen incidents, meetings, persons and material assistance which no man could have dreamed will come his way and flow toward him."

The key that unlocks the door to success is the key of commitment. Without this key the door will never open. No amount of genius, talent, fitness or "right connections", will ever bring the fruit of success without a real commitment. Most frustrated quitters never achieve their potential; not because of bad breaks or unusual problems, but because of a failure to commit themselves to their goal regardless of obstacles.

The level of your determination to accomplish your work is measured by what it takes to make you quit. Any reservation in your mind concerning the rightness of your plan will become a roadblock to you. Every great endeavor has a price to pay. The greater the job, the higher the price. That price tag to pay is known as commitment.

Please take time to think about the following thoughts concerning commitment:

1. Lasting commitment is making the decision before the solution is found, knowing that the principle is right and walking by faith.

2. Commitment lets people know where you stand and lets your heart feel the thrill of pursuing your objective.

3. Commitment is the motivator that keeps a person moving toward his goal.

4. Commitment gets you started while others stand still; and keeps you going while others quit.

Commitment is the key!