PRAYER is the communication of man to his GOD. The greatest power GOD has given to men and women is the power of prayer; but always remember, GOD has established the law of PRAYER and FAITH.

PRAYER is conscious of the need, while FAITH supplies it.

PRAYER never obtains anything from GOD unless FAITH is present. And, again, FAITH never receives anything from GOD unless PRAYER makes a petition.

PRAYER and FAITH work harmoniously together and both are necessary in their distinct functions, but are quite different in their respective natures.

PRAYER is the voice of the soul, while FAITH is the hand that carries it out. It is only through prayer that the soul can establish communion with its Creator, and it is only through FAITH that spiritual victories are won.

PRAYER knocks at the door of grace, while FAITH opens it. PRAYER contacts GOD, while FAITH obtains an audience. PRAYER makes a petition, while FAITH presses through the multitudes to touch the hem of His garment and receives from His giving hand.

PRAYER quotes the promises, while FAITH boldly proclaims the fulfillment of that promise.

Scriptures to read:

(1) Mark 11:24

(2) Jeremiah 33:3

(3) Jeremiah 32:27

(4) Hebrews 11:6