The country of Kenya is now one of the fastest growing, emerging nations of Africa. With its new President, Uhuru Kenyatta, capitalism is flourishing and he and his Vice President, William Ruto, promote Christianity. Kenya has close economic and political ties with Israel. Real estate is beginning to boom in the country as the Kenya Schilling is stabilizing and inflation is declining. Information technology is rising up with a new Silicon Valley being built near the airport. Kenya is one of the largest users of MPesa in Africa, where people can transfer money through their telephones. International lawyers are coming into the country, Safari vehicles for touring are now being built by Kenyans, oil has been discovered in new areas of the country, corruption is being combated, and a strong middle class is forming.

Most importantly, 85% of the people in Kenya are enthusiastic Christians. They are praying, worshipping God fervently, and expanding the # of churches within the country. We have been privileged by God to have a part in this wonderful development.

Water is like gold in Kenya. Agricultural crops and country development can only flourish where there is water. That is why it is so important that we obtain funds to drill a water bore-hole on our 20 acres of land for the development of the International Outreach Center. This will cost $20,000 and is the next ministry phase in the overall project. Surveys and cost estimates have been obtained. The actual figure in Kenya Schillings is 1,500,000Ksh, which at 85/1, is $17,647. The additional $2,353 will be used for a water storage tank.

We have explained before that the International Center will be a meeting place where African Pastors and Leaders will come and join with Western Pastors to conduct Conferences throughout East Africa. We believe that the active center of Christianity is moving to East Africa and these countries are very special and important in God’s eyes. Kenya, itself, is a LIGHTHOUSE example for God to the continent.

Please, if you will, pray for this urgent need to obtain a continuous flow of water!

NEW DAWN COMMUNITIES – New Dawns operate as Divisions of WCO.

We continue to sustain at New Dawn-Laikipia, Kenya. The student body is diligent, focused, and hard-working with high morale. Results of the Kenya High School National Exams taken last October will be forthcoming this month. Needs are always there for campus on-going repairs, increased teacher’s salaries, agricultural expansion, and additional cows. Mr. Ian Dyer, Director of US Operations, will be traveling with his daughter to Kenya in April. They will be going to New Dawn to obtain photographs and biographies of all the students. Ian has a real heart for every student as well as our New Dawn alumni. He will meet with 20-30 of our graduates to inspire them and teach on the subjects of holiness, focused direction in life, and the joy of being a Christian.

New Dawn-Ishinde, Tanzania is moving ahead rapidly on a good foundation. This ministry has an independent subsidiary Board of Directors guiding their activities. In fact, because of the success of New Dawn-Kenya, they have faith to believe that they can build a campus on the 50 acres that will be 3 times larger than Kenya, housing 300 orphan and disadvantaged students. The long range cost for this is $2.7 million with the first phase of development costing $980,000. Please pray for the continuing development of this project.


We continue to help support Evangelist Sohail Peter in Lahore, Pakistan with $200 monthly for outreach. This enables him to go forth with a ministry team normally preaching on the top of unfinished buildings and conducting crusades in the rural, village areas of the country. Many Muslims are receiving visions, getting healed and delivered, and coming to receive Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord! God has provided a tremendous open door for Sohail to advance the Kingdom of God in the middle of great spiritual darkness and persecution of Christians. Please pray for this man, his wife Aster, and their 3 children.

We also provide monthly support to Pastor Sangalo Vincent in Kampala, Uganda. This is the man who went out and obtained 2 million signatures on The African Covenant of Unity, Agreement, and Oneness of Christians throughout the country. This document was drafted by WCO and led to the presenting of the signatures to the Uganda Parliament and later to the personal and national repentance of personal sins and transgressions of the nation against God by President Yohweri Museveni. We are now helping to conduct a similar campaign in Tanzania as their national elections are going to take place later this year.

We also recently purchased a motorbike and kitchen stove for Esther and Sammy Waihenya, our Regional Representatives, in Molo, Kenya as we continue to provide them with $300 monthly support. We have also purchased a computer for our Rep. Daniel Mainanjuguna in Naivasha, Kenya as well as giving him periodic financial help for his family.

You have made all of these things possible and God only knows the eternal impact of your great help!

Love and blessings always,

Stan and Damaris Herpick