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Dear Friends and Partners in the Ministry –

Today my heart is filled to overflowing with joy and thanksgiving for what our God has done! He is a mighty God and He loves us and seeks our good and blesses His people and expands His Kingdom here on earth. Praise Ye the Lord!

In a remote and rural village area outside of Molo, Kenya where many people live as farmers, our God has just provided the funds to complete the construction of a beautiful, large stone church, Mau Summit Church. In the beginning the church obtained a parcel of land and built the sides of the church up to 4’ but could go no further as funds were lacking.

One of our wonderful friends saw the need and provided an initial $3,500 to build up the walls, and provide the funds for the trusses and scaffolding. From there he added another $2,200 for the sheet metal roofing. Now, this same gentleman has provided $7,400 for the costs of the front and back door, the iron windows, plastering and painting the church, and the laying the flooring which will complete the building of the whole church. You can see the sides of the church going up in the early stages.

Now, the building of this church is above and beyond the monthly on-going expenses and project costs for our New Dawn High School for Orphans in Laikipia, Kenya. It is beyond the needs for building the 2nd New Dawn High School for Orphans in Tanzania where we have hit water and are now completing the irrigation piping, storage tanks and other water infrastructure requirements. It is also beyond the needs for building our Ministry Guest House at the new International Outreach Center in Bahati, Kenya where we have hit water, provided irrigation piping for 10 acres, and brought in the water storage tanks which all are making farming now possible and providing water for the surrounding community.

This is a great and glorious provision of funds for a WCO “tool of ministry” of building a church which follows our ministry vision of Matthew 4:23 and 9:35 where “Jesus went about all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom, and healing all manner of sickness and disease among the people.”

The building of this church represents a major “spiritual as well as physical breakthrough” for the Kingdom of God in Kenya. Once this church is completed it will increase in size by at least 3-4 times. This will be another church that we have completely built there in Kenya in the past 3 years. Each one of the churches becomes a main, mother church for the planting of other smaller churches in the rural countryside areas of that country.

God’s people are praying there! God is blessing that nation in accordance with Psalm 33:12 – “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, and the people whom He has chosen for His habitation and inheritance.”

I am energized! I am greatly encouraged by what our Lord has done! Now, if this is true for me; how much greater for our dear friends and Pastors in Kenya! I want you to know that they are greatly encouraged and given hope by what is taking place. When something like this happens, the people go to their knees in prayer and thank God for what He has miraculously done! They are so grateful, encouraged, given hope, and uplifted to the point that nothing can now put them down! These simple, rural, devoted people really love God and are totally serious and surrendered to Him in the midst of their poverty and oftentimes desperate circumstances of life. To receive these kind of funds to complete the building of their church is a mighty, miraculous breakthrough for them!

Jesus took time to help the needy. He went out of his way to go to the poor people in the countryside and to the people in the next town to bring healing and blessing to them. We are following Jesus! He said – “Take up your cross and follow me!” Lord, help us to do that daily! And, with the way you are helping, we are making a real impact and difference in the countryside areas of East Africa. We are going to be conducting Regional Conferences hosted by a local African Pastor but financed by us to make them possible. We are continuing with the great vision of transforming the lives of orphaned children in Africa through our New Dawn Communities. We are going to continue to bring teaching, preaching, and healing to these beautiful people in the village areas of Africa! We are right on schedule, God’s schedule, and we thank Him for His great blessings through you!

This is a Mighty Praise Report and we thank God for it!

Sincerely in His love,

Stanton R. Herpick, President and CEO
World Christian Outreach, Inc.,,

P.S. We have just sent off $5,500 for the monthly expenses to New Dawn Laikipia, Kenya. Pastor Ron Sukut will be going there next month to do the Legacy Project (water catching troughs from the roofs) with the New Dawn Seniors. We are now sending funds to New Dawn Tanzania for the Irrigation Piping and Water Storage Tank and will be gearing up for further Building Development in the coming months. Thank you JESUS!