Kenya Medical Mission - January 2014

The following Slide Show represents a Medical Mission To The Whole Man conducted by Ray and Kris Dodson, Mark and Kathy Luce, Pete Gavitte and daughter Katie, Katie Dodson, and Olivia Johannson. Ray Dodson had led a team to climb Mt Kilimanjaro called "Climb for the Clinic" (Medical Clinic planned for New Dawn) and then the team went on this Medical Outreach into the rural areas of Kenya. Kris Dodson's short testimony follows the Slide Show.

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  • Hello, and greetings from Kenya!
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Dear Praying Friends and Family!

  ... We had a wonderful adventure! I’d love to hear back from any of you about how the Lord inspired you to pray specifically for us on certain days (if you can recall).

  ...We ministered to hundreds of people at the free medical clinics held at local churches. There are lots of stories to share from each of our unique experiences.

  Highlights for me were:
     * Praying with my daughter, Katie, and seeing a miracle of a hand being restored to being able to move again after a wrist injury,
     * Getting confirming words with my prayer partner and seeing the Holy Spirit pulse with power in a woman’s body as God was making a way for her to conceive when there was not a way before! (if we get to visit next year, I’m believing I will see her holding her baby in her arms!)
     * encouraging several people that their poor past choices did not result in a loss of salvation (which they believed), and forgiving them with the blood of Jesus so they could experience God’s daily new mercies. Then seeing the relief and joy on their faces
     * and getting to hear people say "yes" to Jesus as their savior for the very first time and welcoming them into God’s family!!!!
     * Overhearing Ray tell his interpreter that it sounded like his patient was having little heart attacks at that very instant and then getting to lay hands on the patient and pray Shalom over her heart. Then hearing her say that she felt heat (the power of God restoring her heart) in that area!
     * Reuniting with Sarah Kariuki, my interpreter and prayer partner from 5 years ago, who surprised me with saying “yes” to serving on this mission on a spur of the moment invitation. It was such a sweet reunion and an "iron sharpening iron" experience as we exchanged prayer testimonies.

  Thank you for having conversations with God about us! We were safe and so well cared for by our gracious Kenyan hosts. Our African brothers and sisters are dear ones!