Dear Special Friends of the Ministry –

John Wesley, founder of the Methodist Church said –
“The world is my pulpit”.

What he was saying was that we should all have a heart to reach the whole world for Christ because Jesus died for the whole world, for all of those that would trust and believe in Him. The world in Africa is just as important as the world anywhere else. In fact, in God’s eyes, East Africa and especially Kenya, is all important to God because of the many Christians there. People pray and fast as a normal routine in Kenya. Schools are named with Biblical names such as Mustard Seed Faith Elementary School and Amazing Grace Secondary School. People go to “Morning Glory” meetings before work, attend noon day prayer meetings, and go to open air evangelistic crusades held on Saturdays.

New Dawn School for Orphans is raising up Christian leaders who are going forth as shining lights for Jesus. 43 of our graduates are now attending top level universities in the country.

The funds that you give monthly are reaching out to make the world your pulpit! Thank you for being a Christ centered world changer!

Blessings always for the glory of God,

March 12, 2014

Dear Friends of the Ministry –

We have just received a report of grades and academic standing for our New Dawn High School for Orphans

for the graduating class of 2013. Our 21 Form 4 (Seniors) took the Kenya National Certificate of Secondary Education, KCSE, last November and the grades have just been released in the national newspapers.

The results are as follows:
A    – 1 student
A–  – 4 students
B+  – 8 students
B–   – 4 students
B–   – 2 students
C+   – 1 student
C     – 1 student

Our School mean score rose from 8.90 in 2012 to 9.57 in 2013 which was a significant improvement. New Dawn was second highest in their Laikipia county. They ranked #13 of all private schools in the country and #51 of the top 100 schools in the nation. With the above performance the school received publicity in the Kenya newspapers and media houses.

This is a job well done by our administration, teachers, and the students themselves and we give thanks to God for his blessings. And, thank you dear financial supporters for your great help, without which nothing could have been achieved.

In Christ’s love,

Stanton R. Herpick