Stanton Herpick


Stanton R. Herpick, founder and president of World Christian Outreach, Inc., attended the International Congress on World Evangelization in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1974, while a student at Fuller Seminary in Pasadena, California.
At this significant, watershed missions conference organized by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Stan heard first hand accounts of the tremendous obstacles and challenges faced by our Lord's church in foreign countries.
Through a set aside time of fasting and prayer in 1975 the name and vision for World Christian Outreach was born. The ministry incorporated in California March 28, 1976 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with the intent to:
(1) Declare the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord throughout the world as God directs.
(2) Support and act as a catalyst to the foreign, indigenous church, recognizing that they know best how to communicate with their own people, cultivate a community of believers, and operate most efficiently within their own culture.
(3) Provide "tools of ministry" such as PA systems, bicycles, bull-horns, Bibles, musical instruments, motor bikes, teaching materials, etc. as God leads.
(4) Initiate Community Development for social action - water projects; building of churches, medical clinics, orphanages, schools; teach agricultural farming techniques, trade skills, sewing, weaving, etc. - all with the intent to develop self-sufficiency and build up a middle class of people.

World Christian Outreach Distinctives
(A) World Christian Outreach works primarily in the rural, village areas of undeveloped countries because the majority of the population in an agrarian economy live in the countryside.
Therefore our approach to ministry is more like spiritual guerilla warfare rather than an explosion of one evangelistic crusade in a major foreign city.
(B) We believe that money follows ministry rather than the reverse. Therefore our approach is that as God guides, He provides.
(C) The leadership of WCO believes in working in a "tent making job", if needed, to provide for personal needs.
Therefore, approximately 90% of funds donated go directly to the ministry project.*
(D) Now, we are conducting ministry on two major tracks in East Africa as follows:

a. Evangelistic and Teaching Outreach by setting up Christian Leaders Conferences for Pastors, Evangelists, Elders and Deacons in rural areas throughout Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda.
b. Establishing a major building project in Laikipia, Kenya operating as New Dawn Communities to bring forth New Dawn High School for Orphans, Evangelistic Resource and Training Center, School and a Rehabilitation Trade Skill Teaching Center.

Active Staff
Stanton R. Herpick - Founder and President, World Christian Outreach, Inc.,
Moreno Valley, California, and General Overseer of New Dawn Communities.
James M. Kariuki - President and CEO of New Dawn Communities, Laikipia, Kenya, East Africa,
which services our New Dawn High School for Orphans.
Ian Dyer - Director of U.S. Operations for New Dawn Communities.

Kellie Stafford - Office Administrator for New Dawn Communities.
Sarah W. Kariuki - Prayer Director, Nairobi, Kenya.

Board of Directors
Jack Klaer - President, KBI Construction Co., Tustin, CA.
Mark Luce - Chairman, Board of Supervisors-Napa County, CA.

Stanton Herpick - President World Christian Outreach, Inc., Moreno Valley, CA.

Albert Peyrefitte - Pastor, House of the Lord, Moreno Valley, CA.
Damaris Herpick - Nursing Assistant, Moreno Valley, CA.,
Co-Director, Medical Mission To The Whole Man, Moreno Valley, CA

Executive Advisors
John Daggett, Investment Counselor, Monarch Beach, CA.
Ronald Birtcher - Retired Businessman, Napa, CA.
Ron Sukut - Pastor Cornerstone Church, San Clemente, CA.

Moses Meeli - Bishop, Anglican Church of Africa, Namanga, Kenya.

Ken Kaiser, San Jose, CA

* 100% of contributions to New Dawn Communities goes to New Dawn.